Water Bonds Identity

This is one of my latest projects. The client needed a complete new brand identity for their company. Based on Water, this had to have an icon and brand guidelines to be implemented in brochures and flyers.

wblogoconcepts_600px newidentityscan_600px logoideas_600px logoideas2_600px logofinal_600px branding1_600px branding2_600px branding3_600px branding4_600px tradeshowbrochure1_600px debentureimcover_600px tradeshowbrochure2_600px debentureim2_600px debentureim3_600px debentureimcover2_600px debentureoverviewcover1_600px debentureoverview2_600px debentureoverview3_600px debentureoverview4_600px waterbonds-4 waterbonds-3 waterbonds-2 waterbonds-1


About The Portfolio of Mark Jope

I am an experienced graphic designer living in Surrey with over 15 years of thinking, drawing, sketching, visualising and designing for many

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